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Inflation Accounting and Inflation Adjustment Solutions for SAP® in Turkey

Inflation Accounting within the Legal Framework


Inflation accounting is not only a business necessity but also a legal requirement under certain circumstances. Companies are obliged to follow the accounting standards set by bodies like the IFRS, which mandate inflation adjustments in financial reporting for economies experiencing hyperinflation.


Application in the Turkish Context


For Turkish companies, this involves adjusting assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in their financial reports to reflect current values. The adjustments are critical for providing a truthful and fair view of a company’s financial status, which is vital for investors, creditors, and other stakeholders.


Implementing inflation accounting in Turkey presents challenges, especially for businesses with international operations. The complexity of calculations and the need for consistent updates require robust accounting solutions. SAP’s Inflation Accounting software, integrated with its ERP system, offers an effective solution for Turkish businesses. It provides automated tools for adjusting financial statements in line with the legal requirements, ensuring accuracy and compliance.


Who is Obliged to Make Inflation Adjustment?


Entities operating in economies with high inflation rates are typically required to implement inflation accounting. The failure to make these adjustments can result in inaccurate financial reporting, leading to legal and compliance issues. Income and corporate taxpayers and balance sheet companies are required to apply inflation accounting.


How is Inflation Accounting Applied?


First, non-monetary items subject to adjustment are determined. Adjustment dates are determined. The adjustment coefficient between the date when inflation accounting will be applied for the first time and the date that constitutes the basis for the adjustment is calculated. And the adjustment factor is multiplied by the amount to be adjusted.

Inflation accounting can be performed by various methods. Choosing the most effective one among these methods is the healthiest approach in terms of both time and efficiency. Especially organizations that attach importance to efficiency and productivity benefit from software solutions.


Melasoft SAP Inflation Accounting Solution Suite: A Strategic Tool


The Melasoft SAP Inflation Accounting Solution Suite is designed to address the multifaceted challenges of inflation accounting. Here’s how the suite stands out:


  • Automated Inflation Adjustments: The solution suite automates the complex process of recalculating financial statements for inflation, significantly reducing the potential for human error and saving valuable time.


  • Integration with SAP: As a comprehensive solution, the suite integrates seamlessly with SAP’s modules. This integration ensures a unified approach to financial reporting, from asset valuation to equity adjustments.


  • Real-Time Data Access: Melasoft’s suite provides access to real-time data, allowing for timely and accurate inflation adjustments that reflect the latest economic conditions.


  • Regulatory Compliance: With built-in compliance features, the suite aligns with both IFRS and local regulations, ensuring that companies meet their reporting obligations effortlessly.


  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities: The solution suite enhances reporting tools within SAP, providing detailed reports that clearly communicate the impact of inflation.


  • User-Friendly Interface: The suite offers a user-friendly interface, which simplifies the process for financial teams, minimizing the need for extensive training.


  • Streamlined Audit Process: With accurate, automated adjustments, the solution suite streamlines the audit process, reducing the risk of findings and restatements.




Inflation Accounting is a critical aspect of modern financial management, especially in volatile economic times. The SAP Inflation Accounting Suite offers an innovative, integrated solution that ensures compliance, accuracy, and reliability in financial reporting, making it an indispensable tool for businesses navigating the complexities of inflation.

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